The Meaning Behind The Name

It is kind of self explanatory: An HONEST platform of like minded evolved souls, where nobody will be judged for being truely authentically themselves & enjoying their spiritual journey

HONESTY is the main ingredient here, but we wanted to brand our name & logo with deep meaning.

The word HONESTY is clean crisp & meaningful & you have an idea straight away what type of platform it will most likely be. We liked that, but we wanted to spell it in lowercase so that the 0 stood out, alerting our audience that there is in fact meaning behind the 0.

The 0 is actually a zero, which has a spiritual meaning... "potential & choice".

Zero is the symbol of nothingness and denotes freedom from limitations in this material world.

The number zero resonates with the vibrations & energies of eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles/flows, and the beginning point!

The number 0 means potential/choice & when it presents & recurs it is a message regarding developing your spiritual aspects, as zero is concidered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey.

It suggests that you should listen to your higher self as this is ALWAYS where you will find your answers.

The original idea was to create a social platform where people can share the ying & yang of our likes & dislikes, feely admitting to it, but projected in a mindful way. Kind of like your own digitally social mindful retreat! A safe place where everybody can be somebody!

We all know that some social media platforms like were great concepts in order to connect the globe, but the negatives that came with that is a community of 'entitled' people, bullies, and just plain old negative nancies. On those communities I would possibly be fiercely cyber bullied for expressing myself in any way.

We aim to change that & create a safe environment full of evolved souls, freely expressing themselves in a meaningful mindful honest way! Being HONEST about who we are and what we think!

Think of it like your own online digitally social mindful retreat.

Obviously there will be rules in place to protect each & every member from any sort  of bullying. There is a zero tolerance policy.

If you are not ethical, you are out.

This will be a light hearted social platform where people can meet others like themselves within the mindful community, where you can engage & have fun!

All evolved souls welcome :D

Our Mission/Vision

What Is h0nesty?



Co Founder

The h0nesty Social Experience!


Kellie O Hara has creativity running through her in many different ways. Previously a choreographers,, which led to sound engineer, then onto singer/songwriter.....and the last 6 years digital marketing.

She is someone who has been a mindful & spiritual practitioner for many years now since 2010.

A healthy mind is paramount to a healthy soul, whilst dealing with all that comes along on your journey of life.

Her moto in life is

"Living My Life With Focused Purpose".

She has always known that her higher purpose in life is to provide safe/mindful environments & teaching, but she wasn't quite sure how to get there!

This is where 'h0nesty' is born.

It addresses everything that Kellie is passionate about!

**Safe/mindful/spiritual environments or community

**teaching/educating mindfulness/healthy mindsets

**freedom of speech in a productive and healthy way collectively.

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The h0nesty Social Experience!

Paul Claxton is a former active US Marine, & a serial entrepreneur with the innovative emerging tech market.

Paul is very familiar with start ups & innovation, and together with Kellie created the concept of a social platform where people are not fake. That they freely show both sides of an opinion, but in a pro-active way. This fitted in great with Kellie's objectives re mindful communities.

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